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As an industry leading solar electrical distributor, we focus on the solar industry’s premier brands from trusted manufacturers, maintaining a small, manageable product line while providing the best products at the best prices and fastest lead times.

Russell Pacific is now stocking the highest quality modules, inverters, storage solutions, and mounting systems from the solar industry’s top manufacturers. Through our network of distribution warehouses throughout the country, we provide solar contractors and integrators fast regional shipping, next-day local deliveries, and same day will-call pickup across our entire product line.

We understand that when our experienced solar installers and integrators bid on RFPs, the products we sell become synonymous with their names. This is why our line of “no apology technology” and pricing set our customers apart on competitive bids. Deep product knowledge and manufacturer relationships enable us to pass on product confidence and empower our customers to stand behind their projects.

When your name is on the line, you can trust Russell Pacific to supply quality product, on time and on budget, every time.

Silfab Modules

Silfab Solar Russell Pacific

300W 60 Cell Residential
360W 72 Cell Commercial
North American Made Modules

SolarEdge Inverters

SolarEdge inverters Russell Pacific

Maximum Efficiency Residential &
Commercial Inverters
StoreEdge™ Backup Power Solutions

LG Chem Storage

LG Chem REsu10H

Compact Size & Easy Installation
Powerful Performance
Proven Safety

Proud to Stock Solar Electrical Equipment From Top Manufacturers

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LG Chem Resu
Array Technologies
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