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Solar Mounting Solutions
SnapNrack offers an integrated solar module installation solution developed by veteran solar engineers.  Both 100 and 200 series systems utilize unique “Snap-In” preassembled hardware, requiring only a single tool and removing the need for cutting or drilling to install.  By using integrated mounting systems that are high quality, aesthetically pleasing and safe, SnapNrack can substantially reduce the cost of solar system installations.

Featured SnapNrack System

SnapNrack series 100 russell pacific
Residential Mounting System

The SnapNrack Series 100 UL roof mounting system is an efficient, visually appealing, photovoltaic (PV) module installation system. Series 100 UL is listed to the UL 2703 Standard for Bonding, meaning that all system components have been certified by UL for electrical continuity, eliminating the need for additional grounding hardware. The System’s components provide an adequate bonding path which has eliminated the need for grounding lugs and washers at each module, and bonding jumpers between splices. In addition to grounding and bonding, the roof mounting system, Series 100 UL, is Class A Fire Rated when installed with Type I and Type II Modules. SnapNrack’s UL 2703 Certification and Compliance ensures that SnapNrack customers experience best in class quality, safety and efficiency.

SnapNrack Series 100 Datasheet

Quick Mount PV

Quick Mount PV

Solar Mounting Solutions

Quick Mount PV was founded on the principle that the mounting system is just as critical to the success of a solar installation as the modules and inverters. Since 2006, Quick Mount PV has advanced rooftop solar through its innovative, high-quality waterproof mounting systems. The company pioneered roofing industry best practices in the solar industry and provides ongoing training opportunities. With industry-leading R&D, engineering, product testing and ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing in California, Quick Mount PV is committed to producing the industry’s most advanced solar mounting systems.

Featured Quick Mount PV Systems

Quick Mount PV L mount
L-Mount Series | QMLM & QMLM2

Quick Mount PV engineered it’s patented Elevated Water Seal Technology® into an integrated L-foot and flashing for super-fast, single-lag bolt installation with unparalleled waterproofing for composition/asphalt single roofs. The L-Mount Series comes in a single or double slot option for maximum versatility and works with all leading racks.

tile replacement mount
Tile Replacement Mount | QMTR-BM, QMTR-F3.25, QMTR-W4, QMTR-S3.25

The Tile Replacement Mount provides a fast and easy way to install solar on tile roofs while protecting against water intrusion. Simply remove the tile and replace it with the Tile Replacement Mount. Works with all standard curved and flat tile roofs, and all standard rail-based racking systems. Flashed at both the deck and top levels, the Tile Replacement Mount is fully engineered to meet code requirements and industry best practices. The Tile Replacement Mount features our patented Elevated Water Seal Technology® for optimal waterproofing. Base mount sold separately from flashing and post.

shake mount
Classic Shake Mount | QMLC

The Classic Shake Mount uses Quick Mount PV’s patented QBlock Elevated Water Seal Technology® to provide an easy, fast, universally code-compliant watertight mount available for solar panel installation on cedar shake roofs.

Quick Mount PV Qbox

The QBox™ is a flashed junction box with Quick Mount PV patented Elevated Water Seal Technology®, and provides a waterproof pass-through for conduit from the box enclosure to the attic. QBox comes fully equipped with fasteners to install to the roof deck, fittings for through-the-deck conduit attachment and wire nuts to transition or combine up to two (2) strings of conductors.


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