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More Energy By Design
SolarEdge invented intelligent inverters that revolutionized the way power is harvested and managed in a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. The SolarEdge direct current (DC) optimized inverter system maximizes power generation at the individual PV module level while lowering the cost of energy produced by the solar PV system.

Featured SolarEdge Inverters

SolarEdge SE3000a russell pacific
SolarEdge Residential Single Phase Inverters

SE3000 / SE3800 / SE5000 / SE6000 / SE7600

• Specifically designed to work with power optimizers.
• Record Breaking Efficiency
• Integrated Arc Fault Protection and Rapid Shutdown
• Rapid Shutdown for NEC 2014 690.12
• Small, Lightweight, Easy to Install
• Built in module-level monitoring
• Outdoor and Indoor installation

SolarEdge Datasheet (SE3000H-US / SE3800H-US / SE5000H-US /
SE6000H-US / SE7600H-US)

SolarEdge Datasheet (SE3000A-US / SE3800A-US / SE5000A-US /
SE6000A-US / SE10000A-US / SE11400A-US)

solaredge three phase inverter
SolarEdge Commercial Three Phase Inverters with Synergy Technology

66.6kVA and 100kVA for 277/480V Grids / 43.2kVA for 208V Grid

SolarEdge’s expanded offering of three phase inverters with synergy technology up to 100kVA combines large capacity with ease of installation. The inverter design is based on small, lightweight, and easy-to-carry primary and secondary units. They are wall mounted for a minimal footprint, with installation only requiring a one or two-person crew. Installing SolarEdge’s large capacity inverters instead of using multiple, smaller capacity inverters will further reduce setup times and costs.

• Independent operation of each unit for easy serviceability and high system uptime
• Connection to monitoring platform via Ethernet or wireless communications; optional built-in cellular GSM plug-in
• No wasted ground area: wall/rail mounted, or horizontally mounted under the modules (10° inclination)
• Integrated DC safety unit with DC safety switch and surge protection
• Built-in double RS485 plug-ins

SolarEdge Datasheet

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SMA Inverters

A Leading Global Specialist in PV System Technology.
SMA is setting today’s standards for the decentralized and renewable energy supply of tomorrow. SMA’s highly efficient inverters and storage systems are being integrated with the PV systems of industrial and commercial companies, enabling businesses, homeowners and municipalities to reduce energy costs through the efficient production of solar power for use day and night.

Featured SMA Inverters

SMA Sunny TriPower Russell Pacific
Sunny TriPower
12000TL-US / 15000TL-US / 20000TL-US / 24000TL-US

The new UL-certified Sunny Tripower TL-US is designed specifically to meet American requirements for mid to large-scale decentralized PV systems. With a peak efficiency of above 98 percent, OptiTrac Global Peak shade management, a DC input voltage range of up to 1000 volts – this three-phase, transformerless PV inverter has everything needed to ensure high efficiency. Equipped with two independent MPP trackers, the Sunny Tripower TL-US can be used in applications with input voltages from 600 up to 1000 volts, offering enormous flexibility in the design of a PV system. Integrated arc fault detection and grid management functions are included in the communication and monitoring technology. (SMA Sunny TriPower Datasheet)

sunny boy
Sunny Boy
3.0-US / 3.8-US / 5.0-US / 6.0-US / 7.0-US / 7.7-US

SMA’s Sunny Boy 3.0-US/3.8- US/5.0-US/6.0-US/7.0-US/7.7-US is the superior residential solution. Helping you decrease costs at every stage of your business operations, Sunny Boy joins the SMA lineup of field-proven solar technology backed by the world’s #1 service team, along with a wealth of improvements. Simple design, improved stocking and ordering, value-driven sales support and streamlined installation are just some of the ways that SMA helps your business operate more efficiently. And, Sunny Boy’s superior integration with the innovative Power+ Solution means installers have even more flexibility in addressing their toughest challenges. (SMA Sunny Boy Datasheet)


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